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International Cultural Youth Exchange Center

A branch of Beijing Golden Orient International Educational & Cultural Exchange Center

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Aupair Abroad

Aupair Abroad

Since 2004, Beijing Golden Orient International Educational & Cultural Exchange send about 100 Chinese au pairs abroad, the main destinations are Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and the U.S.A

Working closely with the foreign language institutes in China, our candidates are well selected, with good language skills, personalities and experience of taking care of kids.

Our service covers consulting & information; document preparation; matching; visa application; training, activities organizations and the full “after-sales” service.

Our Services

Recruiting Language test

Personality & character test

Verifying the experience of taking care of children

Background investigation

Elimination rate is about 30%
Training Skills of taking care of children

Western food cooking and table manners

Arrangement of internship in the kindergartens

Language courses

Western Cultural

General knowledge of the destination country

40 hours’ courses

Candidates with more than 5 absences would be


Course completion certificates

Matching Self-introduction video of candidate would be provided to the potential host family

Professional trainings

Video interview with the host family

Successful matching rate of 90%
Visa application Up to 10 years’ experience

Full assistance and accompany of the whole visa application process.

With a pass rate of 99%
Training before leaving Brochure of living abroad

Assistance to the purchase of plane ticket

Oversea Services Consultant oversea Partner consulting team in Germany and Netherlands

Visa Examples