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As An Aupair

  • 1. Why Choose au pair in China program
  • 2. What do you get
  • 3. Requirements
  • 4. What are your duties
  • 5. Our sevices
  • 6. How to apply

Why Choose Au Pair in China Program

To Improve your Chinese

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. More than one billion of the world’s population is Chinese speaker. Modern Standard Chinese is an official language of the United Nations.

Speaking Chinese will enable you to communicate better with Chinese speakers and provide you with a better understanding of Chinese culture.

To learn Chinese Culture

China, an ancient, mysterious and beautiful land, is always appealing to adventurous foreign visitors. One of China’s greatest treasures is her long, rich history.

Chinese arts and crafts, including, painting, calligraphy, operas, embroidery and silk are distinctive and unique.

To travel & study in China with “0” expense

China might be thought of as a kingly dragon hanging on a huge imperial necklace, the Great Wall, the spectacular landmark which winds 5500 miles across the country from east to west.

The mighty Yangtze and Yellow Rivers nourishing the vast land outline the exquisite royal patterns. The Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors and many other famous sites are the shining, decorative pearls.

Join the Au Pair in China program to explore the popular attractions and discover the essence of the heritage left by nature and history to this ancient oriental real.

An experience that helps you in your future study and job seeking

Mandarin is an open door to a huge job market. Learning Chinese today can help make a better future for you.

Abundant opportunities for government and business careers as well as scientific and cultural exchanges await the Chinese Speakers.

As the Chinese market is blossoming and China is rapidly becoming a world economic power, those who know Chinese will be valuable to business

To make more friend from both China and worldwide

What do you get

  • 1) Full assistance with the visa application and necessary extension in China;
  • 2) Picking up at the airport;
  • 3) Training of life in China for the first arrivals;
  • 4) Free boarding and lodging with the host family (Independent bedroom no smaller than 8 square meters equipped with bed, chair, closets and TV, WIFI (not a must); The right to use kitchen, bathroom, fridge, bike; At least 2 meals a day;
  • 5) Mobile phone SIM card;
  • 6) Public transportation card;
  • 7) International health and accident insurance;
  • 8) Chinese classes for at least 4 hours per week;
  • 9) At least 1500 CNY (about 250 USD) pocket money plus air ticket subsidy;
  • 10) Counselor help throughout the year;
  • 11) Activities and parties;
  • 12) One week’s holiday for every 6 months.
  • 13) Host families are all middle/upper class families, you will have many opportunities to travel with them


  • Between 18-28 years old
  • Be in good health
  • Clear Criminal record
  • Fluent English
  • At least high School Graduated
  • Loving Kids
  • Open to different Cultures

What are your duties

  • 30-35 hours’ work per week
  • Play with the kids and teach them English (or other language as requested)
  • Some light housework
  • Culture exchange with your host family
  • 1-24 months’ stay to select; living with the family as a big sister and a family member

Our sevices

  • Consulting (all kind of questions about the program or living in China)
  • Matching (recommend the host families)
  • Interview arrangement (through phone or skype, our team will help to do the translation if it is needed)
  • Visa invitation letter
  • Assistance to the visa application
  • Assistance to the flight booking
  • Picking up at the airport (usually with the host family)
  • Trainings (about life in China and living in a Chinese family)
  • Free transport card and cell phone card and assistance to open a bank account
  • 4 hours free Chinese lesson per week (3 levels lessons provided)
  • Activities organization ( short trip, cultural exploration activities, parties etc)
  • Assistance to the visa extension in China
  • Coordination, intervention and conflict resolution
  • Change the host family for free where necessary

How to apply