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International Cultural Youth Exchange Center

A branch of Beijing Golden Orient International Educational & Cultural Exchange Center

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Volunteering in China

Volunteering in China is a great way to spend time learning about a new culture, language and people.

It can show you a world with wonderful experience that you may not have imagined before. By spending time in the local school and giving your time to the kids, you are creating a sense of responsibility. The feeling of joy that you get by volunteering in China can be quite overwhelming.

In order to guarantee you a smooth and safe stay, the following services will be provided when you arrive

  • Welcome at the airport and transport arrangement to the local school
  • 24 hour emergency support line
  • Mobile phone SIM card and transportation card
  • Support with Chinese visa application, registration in China, travel inquiries, ticket booking etc

1 What do you need to do?

  • 1) Have class with students, talk with them, carry out some activities with them.
  • 2) Treat them as brothers and sisters, love them, help them

2 What will you get?

  • 1) You will have a room of about 20㎡ with a private bathroom. Bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, internet etc are equipped.
  • 2) You will have 3 free meals per day, 4 hours’ Chinese class a week and medical and accident insurance every month
  • 3) Monthly allowance and plane ticket subsidy accordingly
  • 4) You will have one-day off every week, and one-week vacation every six months.
  • 5) The chance of travelling in China during your days off

3 Requirements

  • 1) Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program and have at least a high school education.
  • 2) Volunteers must also take a letter from their local doctor or a medical certificate. This letter must declare them fit and healthy with no known transmittable medical conditions
  • 3) All volunteers must provide a criminal background check.