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International Cultural Youth Exchange Center

A branch of Beijing Golden Orient International Educational & Cultural Exchange Center

A Member of IAPA


During the holidays, Beijing Golden Orient organizes a series of enriching short term programs which open to both children and teenagers of all nationalities and language abilities.

These programs include: camps in China and study & travel in Europe etc. We are also developing the thematic short term programs like sports, art etc.

The aim of these programs is to provide a fun and exciting experience to the students and to strengthen the cultural youth exchange between China and foreign countries.

Camps in China

Through our Camp programs, students will learn the Chinese language and experience an amazing culture while traveling and exploring China.

Campers will not only learn Chinese, but also get to participate in fun activities as well as taking exciting sightseeing trips.

Our main activities:

Chinese Cooking Lessons

Learn how to create different types of classic Chinese dishes. Being such a large country, China’s different regions all have their own specialties. China’s cuisine is a varied landscape bursting with flavor.

Tai Chi

Tai chi isn’t just a way for people to keep healthy, it is China’s oldest form of kungfu and can actually be used for self defense. These lessons show how Tai Chi and Chinese medicine are related.

Excursions around China

We will take you on a trip outside the city in order to let you discover more of what China has to offer. Furthermore, we are always willing to assist you with planning trips to other cities in China.

Study & travel in Europe

Option 1: Netherlands/Belgium/Paris tour

English courses, stay in host family, universities visit, activities etc

Option 2: London + surroundings tour

English courses, stay in host family, universities visit (Oxford + Cambridge), activities